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Why the Wellness Community Connection?

Wellness Community Connections (also referred to as Challenge Groups) are designed to provide encouragement and support in order for you to get the best results possible with your fitness program and nutrition plan. There is recipe sharing, meal planning tips, and daily check ins. We focus on mindset and acceptance in order for women to grow stronger both physically and mentally. My ideal outcome for each challenge group is for you, as my customer, to feel empowered to do hard things in your life, boldness to start taking action, and awareness of when to step back and just breathe. Each connection lasts 21 days and you can reapply for each one or take some time off in between.

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Why Wellness Coaching?

Coaching is about building relationships and investing in people. We help to connect clients with a product that they need and help them create a way to accomplish their goals.  We host online accountability groups that are designed to create community and provide support and encouragement as well as answer questions and provide tips so that our clients can be successful.  When we have people in our challenge group that are motivated, supportive, and encouraging to the others in the group we invite them to join our team as coaches and many do.  When someone joins our team our goal is to help align them with the resources they need so that they can do what we do. The community gets bigger, the support get stronger, and the results are multiplied.

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